Hot Sauces Workshop – The Recipes

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23-11-2022: Habanero / Jalapeno / Caroline Reaper / Aji Amarilo

23 November 2022


The Base Sauce 

This is our main hot sauce where we ferment 50% and roast / smoke the other 50% and mix it all to create a savory and complex hot sauce reminding a bit tabasco but with more punch

The 50% Ferment, for 5l jar:
– 1.2 kg of carrots
– 300gr of onions
– a halve head of garlic
– 500gr of Aji Amarillo (Sweet, not to heated, great flavor profile
– 250gr of Yellow Habanero ( Agrum taste, fruity)
– 250gr of Red Habanero (For the heat and the dept)
– 2.5l of 3% Brine (30gr of salt per liter of water)

Cut ruffly and check if there are no black seeds inside the peppers. If so, ditch those ones.
Put everything in the jar and fill it up with brine until the jar is full. This will make contact with oxygen the least possible and giving your ferment more chances to succeed.
Let it ferment at least a month

The 50% Roasted and smoked vegetables

I chose more summery products at that moment: Peppers, tomatoes but also carrots and sometimes a smoked fennel.
Adding the roasted and smoked part after fermentation keeps these tastes more lively then adding it into the ferment directly.

When mixing, keep some of the fermentation juice out and add it to create the right texture. Best is to cook up the sauce before bottling to at least 72 degrees. Kills the left over bacteria that could restart a fermentation in the bottle

Our Favorite kind of jalapeno

In grocery stores you will often find pickled jalapeno: sweet, little bit acetic and with a good part of heat. While this method is easy and you will learn it too. We rather give jalapenos the time to transform their own sugars into a great pickled threat.

For 5kg of fermented jalapeno

– 2.5 kg of ruffly cut Jalapeno
– 2.5l of 3% Brine (30gr of salt per liter of water)

And time, lots of time. Give it at least 3 months of fermentation to get that right texture and feel, and you will see: you don’t need the extra sugar for great jalapenos

The Classic Jalapeno

If you still want an easy and fast jalapeno pickle, here is the brine recipe:

– 1l of vinegar (we chose our kombucha vinegar)
– 1l of water
– 200 gr of sugar
– 80 gr of mustard seeds

Let this all simmer until almost at boiling point and pour it over the jalapeno. You can see the color difference with the fermented ones already after a day.

Into the depts: Beetroot, Black Garlic, Scorpion, Orange

This one is a tastebomb with a beautiful color and texture after mixing. For 5l of hot sauce

– 2kg of beetroots
– 1 head of black garlic
– 150gr of Scorpion
– 2 oranges to close
– 2.5l of 3% Brine (30gr of salt per liter of water)

Same as with the other sauces. This one will be active quite fast so keep an eye out.

EXTRA: Carolina Reaper Cheong

While giving this workshop Louis-Guy proposed an awesome idea with the left over peppers: why don’t you make a cheong out of it?
We did it before, so why wouldn’t it work this time.
What is cheong? It’s a korean conservation technique using sugar or honey to preserve vegetables in fruit for an extreme long time. Only thing needed is time.

The important thing to know with cheong is that you first put your produce well packed at the bottom and add the sugar or honey on top to cover the whole base. This to create an airtight environment for your produce.

At the end the ratio Sugar / Peppers is 2/1 meaning 400gr of sugar and 200gr of peppers.