Ferment Lab: A dedicated space for circular fermentation & conservation in Brussels

After writing a first version in December last year and continue with a more theoretical introduction earlier this year we can finally announce that we are building the full-on Ferment Lab thanks to the Prove Your Social Innovation fund!

Inspired by fermentation & conservation techniques from around the world, we want this place to be dedicated to teaching, researching & inspiring companies, citizens and public organizations to build the future of sustainable food.

Our space will be centered around three main values that will be used as indicators based on our previous works surrounding circular fermentation & fermen’drêches (spend grains-koji research)

1. Zero Waste: How can a product be truly zero waste, is every type of waste equal, …
2. Low Emission: While designing sometimes wonderful products we forget the carbon footprint these products can have. Let’s also take this into consideration.
3. Technologically reproducible: At the end, this is a citizen-centered project, so if they need a bio-engineer degree to make it work, we are missing the point

The accommodation we will set up will be available for emerging food projects, citizens & organizations. The business model behind is inspired by the fab lab communities and will require you to become a member of the community and sharing in tasks while enjoying all the possibilities. Our goal is to yearly support 6 ventures to grow and become a sustainable food project.

The idea is to create a synergy between all types of business within the space:
One small catering gig using food waste, fermentations, conservation and incorporate other people their production
Two incubator spots for projects whilling to skale up but in need of a first test environment
Two Food production spots for hobbyist or semi-professionals wanting to set up a small product line
One Drink project opening the path for small test batches of 200l

A couple of projects already signed in and will be incorporating the first batch in september. But we are still searching for people wanting to incorporate this final transformation for Fermenthings.

We are searching for
Projects: if you have a dream about making a fermentation or conservation related product and in search of space, while also following the values of the project, contact us! We can set up a chat later this summer.
A Coordinator: We will be searching for a coordinator that runs this lab and can make it autonomous within the next 1–2 years. More information and applications can be sent to our e-mail address.
Citizens: We want to get the citizens involved, and make it on certain days an open space to experiment, learn, exchange with other fermentation aficionados. So let us know if you want to be part of this adventure

General e-mail: info@fermenthings.be
Location: Rue Dieudonné Lefevre 4, 1020 Laeken
Opening hours: Closed at the moment, Back from vacation on the 16th of August
Come enjoy one last drink: https://www.facebook.com/events/728396441586756

P.S: For those waiting on the Koji and spend grains publication, now that this is on the rails we will finally have time to work on the publication, being our first part of a Circular Fermentation series