Introduction To … Continious Brewing Kombucha

With having Goutzi Kombucha as our upstair neighbor we are getting better and better at Kombucha brewing. What followed was […]

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Introduction To … Lactofermenting Hot Sauces

  Hot Sauces, for those that love it like we do, is a bit of a drug: you always want […]

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Introduction to … Lactofermentation through dry salting & with brine

So, you want to get into lactofermentation, but are a bit resentful towards the whole bacteria thing, well here is […]

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Introduction to … Saké & Tsukemono

Sake Presentation With this presentation you have all the info about the sakes we drinked, a short introduction and the […]

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La base de la fermentation: Le Gingerbug, la lactofermentation & le Kimchi

Bonjour, Si vous arrivez sur cette page, c’est probablement parce que vous avez participé à un atelier d’introduction à la […]

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Introduction to … Kimchi

Kimchi, the asian brother of our Sauerkraut is making more and more an appearance into our kitchens and restaurants. It […]

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