Lemon-dill kraut

This is an extremely tasty version of the ‘usual sauerkraut’ but with that little extra freshness from the lemon and the dill. The recipe from K. Shockey asks for dried dill, but I felt that I had to do something useful with that big bunch of fresh dill I had in my fridge. I like to keep the pieces of cabbage rather crunchy so I don’t use a mandoline and chop the cabbage by hand. The ferment is ready to eat after one week.

Type of fermentation: lacto-fermentation
Level: very easy
Tools: glass jar, large mixing bowl

1 white cabbage
Half a bunch of dill, leaves removed from the branches, chopped
1 Tbsp unrefined salt
2 gloves garlic, minced
1 Tbsp lemon juice

1. Cut the cabbage in half, remove the hard core and chop everything into thin pieces
2. Put the cabbage in a large bowl and start massaging the salt into the mixture with both hands. Taste as you go and add a little more salt if needed. It should taste fresh and salty but not overwhelming.
3. Add the lemon, the minced garlic and the dill and keep on massaging until the cabbage starts to release its juices.
4. Transfer the mixture to a glass jar, a handful at a time, while firmly pressing the cabbage down with your fists.
5. Fill up the jar, top with a weight and close the lid
6. Check every day, the cabbage must stay submerged. Press if needed and let everything ferment for 1 to 2 weeks at room temperature
7. When you are happy with the taste and the texture, transfer the cabbage to clean glass jars (fill them as much as you can, leaving no headspace) and store in the fridge.