I have the good fortune of having a 5 meter tall beautiful Bay Laurel tree (Laurus nobilis) in my small city garden. So far, I picked the leaves to season sauces and slow cooking dishes but every spring, the tree is producing small flower buds, looking a bit similar to capers. In ‘Bar Tartine’, I found the inspiration to pickle and ferment these beauties into very local ‘ Brussels’ capers’.

40 gr bay laurel buds
1,2 gr sea salt (3%)
20 gr (blau)kraut brine
1 tsp hot pepper brine (if you have any)

1. Take the closed flower buds from the bay laurel branches and rinse them.
2. Add the salt and the brine and mix well.
3. Put the buds in a small glass jar and leave everything to ferment for 6 weeks or longer, shaking the jar every other day.
4. Taste (the ‘capers’ are ready when lightly sour) and store in the fridge.