It’s been almost two months that we started occupying the new space in Be-Here. In that time, we organized 4 workshops, 5 brunches, 4 savage Fridays and went to make food in Switzerland (for more details of the upcoming events, click here).  We started understanding the beautiful space that is Be-Here and now are taking the time to lay down the groundwork for September and onward.

What else changed, well we got a bit more crowded in our space. Lily’s Granola took a part in our shared kitchen and is partaking to the Brunches with her savoury Granola. Later this month we had the pleasure to welcome Goutzi Kombucha in our space. He produces some refined Kombucha that wants to be an alternative to alcohol when dining out or sitting on a nice terrace.

But due to changes within the company we still have 100m2 production space next to Goutzi Kombucha that is open for fermented projects. Do you now somebody making hot sauces, sauerkraut or wanting to start a small fermentation production, let us know. We could help on the logistics, production process and you will have a direct selling point within the shop!

We’re also looking at developing the team that works around Fermenthings. We’re having more and more opportunities (workshops, events, catering) and are going towards the coop-like spirit we eagerly wanted, but we can’t do it on our own. If you want to put in any ways your energy into this project, it would be much appreciated. It could be in the form of becoming an apprentice, volunteer, contractor, product developer or even associate. Get in touch if you want more info.

Because we want to develop the activity of the Be-Here space too we are working with La Source & Be-Here on the possibility to rent small structures to host your own food related project in the main hall. We also have the possibility to share our food truck when not in use to other like minded project (think Slow Food & Good Food)

From September and onward, we are gearing up. First we want to announce our collaboration with the guide & event company Once In Brussels that will support & organize our B2B opportunities from now on. We can also announce a collaboration with Saké importer Kanpai with whom we are creating a Sake club (6 events on a yearly base with each time another Saké theme).

We hope to announce our full program starting September with 8 events a month (4 by us, 4 with guests) + Savage Friday & Lazy Sunday. Classics as Meet the Producer, Coffee Cupping, Beerschool, Pairing will be mixed with Book releases, Test Kichten & more. We are aiming for the grand reopening of the shop & event space for the mid October. The exact date will be announced pretty soon. If you want to partake in this programation by hosting your own workshops or having release events of your product, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

More practical information
Fermenthings SPRL
Rue Diedonné Lefevre 4, 1020 Laeken
Mostly there: Monday / Wednesday / Friday / Sunday between 10h & 18h, but best give a call before