Brussels has a lot to offer when it comes to Beer, there are plenty of good bottleshops and bars, so we wanted to bring something different to the table. We call it beerschool and see it as a more deeper dive into the broader beerculture. Once a month we find an external speaker and let him/her share their passion and discover new beers and tastes

===== Beerschool #4: Lambic Beers – 26/05/18 ====


This session will go deep in one of the most iconic belgian style! Wild fermentation, brett from the Senne valley, tradition and history will blend for our Beerschool evening. Roel Mulder, a specialised [[|beer blogger]] from the Netherlands, will host this presentation.

===== Beerschool #3: The archeology of Beer – 20/04/18 =====


Our third course will be hosted by archaeologists! A creuser team will provide you information about beer archaeology. Yes, it is real and it has a lot of interesting questions about beer and archaeology! You will also taste some special beers for the occasion!


* Jopen – Koyt Gruitbier
* Brett-elle – Oude Geuze
* Carlsberg – 1883
* Weird Beard – BreadBanger
* Small Batch Meadbeer

===== Beerschool #2: The 3 Ages of Beer in Brussels – 08/03/18 =====


In collaboration with [[|Brussels Beer City]]

Brussels is experiencing a renaissance in brewing, an activity that has helped to shape the city and its history. But, to know where we are and why, you need to know where it’s coming from.

Over the course of an evening, we will dive onto the history of brewing in Brussels, exploring the “3 Ages of Beer” in Brussels – from the 19th century estaminets where straight lambic and faro were the drinks of the common man, through to the booming industrial breweries of the mid-20th century pumping out lager and pils, and on to the revival in traditional spontaneous fermentation and the rise of the New Moderns of Brussels brewing that are redefining what Brussels beer means.

Along the way, we will taste some of the landmark beers that defined these eras, together with some classic Brussels snacks

**Presentation**: [[|The 3 Ages Of Beer in Brussels]]


* Lambik Cantillon
* [[recepies/kalibabou|The Kalibabou]]
* Kriek Cantillon
* Scotch C.T.S
* Hop’nuuzel – Ermitage
* Tanteke – En Stoemelings
* Brussels Calling – Brasserie De La Senne

* Manu’s Sour Pickles
* Kip Kap / Gepeste Kop
* [[recepies/pottekeis|Pottekeis]]

===== Beerschool #1 Black Beers – 01/02/18 =====

Zwarte bieren – In deze eerste les zullen jullie leren wat een zwart bier nu juist zwart maakt, of het nu een Black IPA, een Rye Porter of Chipotle Stout is. We nemen een kijkje in de historische kantelmomenten en gaan dieper in de smaak nuances. Je kent het spreekwoord: once you go black…

**Presentation**:[[|Black Beers]]


* Noire du Midi – Ermitage
* Stouterik – Brasserie de la Senne
* Blood Moon Rising – Collab Totem & Pontus Brewing (NL)
* Sans Pardon – De Dochter van de Korenaar
* 3 Bean Stout – Lerwig (NO)