Lactofermenting Hot Sauces, an introduction:

  Hot Sauces, for those that love it like we do, is a bit of a drug: you always want […]

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Crash Course Fermentation – June

Fermentation is everywhere Welcome to this introduction class! Fermenthings is an organisation that wants to promote everything related to fermentation […]

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What is Fermentation?

Even if Humanity was used to fermentation since its early dawn, scientists are still working on a general understanding. Pasteur […]

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Fermented Pumpkins

For Halloween 2018, we had a special workshop focusing on fermented pumpkins. Here are the recipes showed during the presentation! […]

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The basics of Fermentation: Gingerbug, Lactofermentation and Kimchi.

Hello, If you get on this page, it probably means you went to an introduction class of fermentation in our […]

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Experimentations #1: Kimchi, Giardiniera, Hot Sauce, Pickled Cucumber,…

After the big succes at SWAFFF with our three recipes, we received a lot of demands for other food stands […]

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