We like to play with tastes, colors and textures when we are composing our menu’s. While some of it are well known products, other need a bit more of explanation, that’s why we are bringing you an up to date guide to what you can expect on our Brunch, plancha & picknicks


Here you have two versions of what we are proposing at a Brunch. With this composed dish we want to show you everything Be-Here and it’s surroundings can offer. So you will find mostly locally produced ingredients combined with fermented dishes. It will vary from week to week, but have the same base:

– A cold fermented drink: Kombucha from small Brussel producers, A Cider from JORAN (a cider shop / bar opening soon in Schaerbeek), A beer from La Source (the brewpub opening soon in Be-Here)
– A warm fermented drink: At the moment only coffee, roasted by Mame Noka, a roaster that has his space at GreenBizz
– Crackers from Mad Lab, that are made on the spot with the beer draf from Brussels breweries. With your crackers you can choose between « gorgonzola à la cuillère » from La Fruitière or Rillette made by Paté to the people
– For the sweet tooth we have little cookies made with Miso ( a savoury paste used in japanese cuisine that brings a umami taste) and a vienoiserie from the Marché Bio.
– With that you get a bowl of Lily’s Granola that is also a Be-Here resident
– A warm snack is added to the list in the form of an Arancini (a fried ball of risoto cooked in miso water) with on the side an asian pickle: mushrooms in saké, mirin, soja, ginger and garlic.
– And finally you get a salade of the moment based on fermented vegetables. This can be a Tsukemono (japanese pickling technique) with mandarines and cucumber, a kimchi taboulé salade, a pickled beetroot salade, … Inspired by the moment and made by Fermenthings


For the Plancha we have two formula’s at the moment, a more « Breugheliaans » with the emphasis on top notch but familiar products or a more culinary experience where the emphasis is put on the fermentation techniques.

So the Breughel plate contains:
– Three types of charcuterie from the butcher Spek & Boonen: Smoked duck, cured ham and Lompo (a pickled in orange juice and fennel piece of porc for 8 weeks and then dried)
– Two types of Comté (12, 18, 24 or 30 months old) to explain how the aging affect the taste and how the texture change. Selected by La Fruitière
– Three types of ferment of the moment: Kimchi, Sour Cucumbers, Fennel and turmeric, … made by us or Manu’s Pickles or Itinéraire Bis Gourmand. 
– A sourdough bread

The culinary experience contains 4 types of ferment, all depending on what’s ready at the moment.
– A Tsukemono: A japanese technique to make in a short time fermented like  vegetables
– A Kimchi (a Korean type of fermentation, often spicy) with fried Halloumi (made by De Zuivelarij) to balance sour & fat and create a perfect bite
– A cracker with fresh cheese mixed with a garlic Cheong (chinese type of conservation technique where you use raw honey) and some conserved wild garlic
– An Onigiri (a rice based japanese snack) with a natto-miso (a fungi based fermentation) filling with pickled mushrooms


Finally we also offer a zero waste picknick formula for business lunches. where we offer a selection of our Tsukemono’s, kimchi’s, pickles or fermented vegetables with some beer infused paté, cheese selection and home made sourdough bread for any occasion. Depending on the group we add a possibility for a « make your own Miso ». Everything after can be taken home and the little pots are part of our zero waste policy and can be brought back starting September.

Note that we share every of our suppliers because we find it import to be as transparant as possible. We are also working on delivering every recipe so you can reproduce it at home too.